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About Sasha's Shelter

Over the past 10 years, Sasha Pesic has saved over 1100 dogs around the city of Nis, Serbia. The majority of the dogs were rescued from cruel conditions, they were abused and on the verge of death. Over 400 dogs have been happily adopted and are enjoying their new lives - full of love, safety and joy.  


The rest of Sasha’s 750 dog pack is, however, still in two improvised shelters in Nis, left to be managed solely by Sasha’s unconditional love for these creatures. He knows every dog by name, gives them over 8 hours of outdoor time a day, and has dedicated his life to keeping every dog happy, healthy, and alive.


Unfortunately, love alone will not feed, vaccinate and provide infrastructure for these dogs and that is why we are reaching out for help. It’s a massive challenge to cover all these fixed costs. Sasha’s Shelter’s only chance of becoming sustainable is to develop a stable monthly income.


You can help Sasha by becoming his Patron on

This will allow you to subscribe to donating as little as $2 a month to helping this man and his 750 best friends. In return, Patrons will get access to exclusive content and rescue stories, and feel the real satisfaction of helping out his amazing 750 dog pack.


Become our Patron, help our dogs, create happy stories with us. Thank you.

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